Allergy Drops

The medical term for "allergy drops" is Sublingual Immunotherapy or SLIT, for short. Allergy drops are a treatment for nasal, eye, and respiratory allergies, which is similar in its mechanism of action to traditional allergy injections. 
However, instead of injections that have to be performed in a physician's office, allergy drops are done at home through patients placing a few drops under the tongue each day, a process that takes only a few seconds. The drops have a slightly sweet taste, because they contain glycerin, and are found to be quite tolerable and even pleasant by most adults and children.
Allergy drops, like traditional allergy shots, contain extracts of allergens to which you are allergic (such as specific tree pollens, grass pollens, weed pollens, pet dander, dust mite extracts, etc.). The drops are tailored to your specific allergic sensitivities, based on the testing performed by your Allergist, just as would be done for allergy shots. 
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